Surrogate Partners: The Unsung Heroes

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There's a few heroes in the story of surrogacy - but none more unassuming than the surrogate's partner. Our partners don't ask to go down this path, and the rewards for them are few and far between. But their support [...]

Episode 3: Troy

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In this episode of The Australian Surrogacy Podcast, I interviewed my husband, Troy, about his experience as a surrogate's partner. I was often asked what Troy thought of me being a surrogate, so this week I thought it would be [...]

Episode 14: Henry & Lisa

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Henry and Lisa suffered with infertility and turned to surrogacy to grow their family. Henry & Lisa are well-known in the surrogacy community, both for their support of other intended parents and surrogates, but also for their senses of humour. [...]

Episode 16: Brett & Stuart

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Brett and Stuart conceived baby Findlay with the help of a surrogacy in Canada. But things did not go to plan, and Findlay had to arrive at 25 weeks, due to his surrogate suffering with pre-eclampsia. As a result, Brett [...]

Episode 22: Steve

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Steve is a father through surrogacy, and he and his wife Jen welcomed baby Holly in 2016. I interviewed Steve and Jen's surrogate, Bec, earlier in the podcast. Steve reflects on his journey as an intended father, and managing the [...]

Episode 25: Gareth

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Epsiode 25: Gareth. Gareth became a father through surrogacy in January 2018, with the birth of his son Rixon. Gareth's surrogate was Jess, who was a great friend of Gareth's wife, Bec. Sadly, Bec passed away [...]

The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 34: Danny

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 34: Danny. Danny is one of those unsung heroes in surrogacy - the surrogate's partner. I've interviewed his lovely wife Emmy and the intended parents Henry and Lisa. Danny is like many partners of surrogates, [...]