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Episode 6: Felicity (Part 2)

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 6 (Part2): Felicity. This is Part 2 of my interview with Felicity. Felicity is an intended parent and pursued surrogacy in the US after suffering infertility and loss. Make sure to listen to Part 1 [...]

Episode 14: Henry & Lisa

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Henry and Lisa suffered with infertility and turned to surrogacy to grow their family. Henry & Lisa are well-known in the surrogacy community, both for their support of other intended parents and surrogates, but also for their senses of humour. [...]

Episode 19: Charmaine

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Epsiode 19: Charmaine. Charmaine was a gestational surrogate and birthed James for his parents in 2017. Not everything was sunshine and rainbows, and Charmaine has a lot of wisdom for other intended parents and surrogates. If [...]

Episode 26: Renee (Part 1)

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 26 (Part 1): Renee. Renee tells us the story of her first surrogacy journey, including the ups and downs that eventually resulted in the birth of Ethan for his intended parents. This is Part 1 [...]

Episode 29: Rebecca F

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast episode 29: Rebecca. Rebecca is an intended parent, having come to surrogacy after requiring a hysterectomy after the birth of her second child. Rebecca found her surrogate in her good friend Katy, after she posted about [...]