Applying for a Parentage Order

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After a baby is born through an Australian surrogacy arrangement, a Parentage Order is required to transfer parentage from the surrogate and her partner to the intended parents. When the baby is born, the surrogate and her partner register the [...]

Egg Donation: Seeing Yourself In Someone Else’s Child

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My partner and I are parents-through-IVF; survivors of infertility who inevitably became overbearing parents to our precious offspring. Archie was born after 7 embryo transfers, and he was our lucky last. Shortly after Archie’s second birthday, we conceived his brother, [...]

Episode 3: Troy

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In this episode of The Australian Surrogacy Podcast, I interviewed my husband, Troy, about his experience as a surrogate's partner. I was often asked what Troy thought of me being a surrogate, so this week I thought it would be [...]

Episode 4: Bec

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In this episode, I speak with Bec, a gestational surrogate who gave birth to Holly in 2016, for an interstate couple. Bec speaks with candour and humour about her journey and has lots of insights for intended parents and surrogates [...]

Episode 10: Mike & Glenn

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Mike and Glenn are gay dads that pursued surrogacy overseas, but after hitting roadblocks and ultimately not having any success, they turned to Australian surrogacy - and are now eagerly awaiting the birth of their daughter, with the help of [...]

The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 50: Milestones & Rituals with Katrina Hale

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This is episode 50 of the Surrogacy Podcast, another Khale series episode with Katrina Hale, and it makes sense that with celebrating episode 50 we discussed milestones and rituals in surrogacy. You might think a baby shower or birthday is [...]