Sperm Donor Agreement Legal Advice

Are you considering growing your family with the help of a sperm donor? There are a number of options, and it is important to obtain legal advice about the sperm donor agreement implications, your rights and responsibilities and the consequences for you and your future child. Many families grow with the help of a sperm donor, whether it’s a clinic-recruited donor, a friend or family member, or someone they’ve met with the purpose of them being their donor.

Single women and lesbian couples have grown their families with sperm donors over many decades, and in many ways the laws are still catching up on all the different ways to create a family. Recently, the High Court has considered whether the man was a father or a donor. Other stories in the media include that of Joe Donor, who has donated to many women and couples.

Some arrangements involve a co-parenting arrangement, which is different from a donor arrangement.

If you are entering a donor arrangement, you may like to consider setting expectations with your donor.

Regardless of how you might create your family, you should consider the complexities of donor conception, and the perspectives of donor-conceived people. You can read more about donor conception, and listen to Podcast interviews with Kate Bourne from VARTA and Gail from Donor Conception and Beyond.

If you are considering conceiving with a known donor, you might like to consider accessing counselling together to talk through your expectations and intentions.

Sarah provides a legal advice package for donor arrangements, including:

  •  A Zoom consult to discuss all the implications and laws of a sperm donor agreement
  • A Donor Agreement template for you to use yourself, and
  • A final Review and advice before the parties sign the Agreement.

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I advocate for positive, best practice surrogacy arrangements within Australia, and provide support and education to help intended parents make informed decisions when pursuing overseas surrogacy.

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