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Wondering if surrogacy is legal in Australia? Thinking about pursuing surrogacy to grow your family? Thinking about being a surrogate to help someone grow theirs? Here's some answers to questions you might have. Don't forget to download your free copy [...]

Will the Surrogate Keep the Baby?

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One of the first questions asked by intended parents considering surrogacy in Australia is "What if she wants to keep the baby?" And one of the first questions asked by a surrogate and her partner is "What if they don't [...]

Commercial Surrogacy and Parentage Orders

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People entering into commercial surrogacy overseas are often anxious to know about returning home to Australia with their baby, any consequences, and whether they need to get court orders when they return to Australia. Parentage Orders are made to transfer [...]

Applying for a Parentage Order

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After a baby is born through an Australian surrogacy arrangement, a Parentage Order is required to transfer parentage from the surrogate and her partner to the intended parents. When the baby is born, the surrogate and her partner register the [...]

Parenting Orders and Parentage Orders

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Parentage Orders are made to transfer parentage from a surrogate and her partner, to the intended parents. These are made in State Courts. These Orders provide for the Birth Certificate to be changed, removing the surrogate and her partner, and [...]

DIY Parentage Order: You Can Do It!

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Do you want to do your Parentage Order yourself? By the time you have your baby in your arms, you’ve spent considerable money on IVF, legal expenses, counselling and pregnancy and birth expenses for your surrogate…not to mention decorating the [...]

Hospital Management of a Surrogacy Pregnancy and Birth

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There are such a low number of surrogacy births in Australia each year (somewhere between 50 and 70 in total), that it is no surprise that many hospitals will rarely come across a surrogacy birth. As a result, hospital surrogacy [...]

The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 50: Milestones & Rituals with Katrina Hale

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This is episode 50 of the Surrogacy Podcast, another Khale series episode with Katrina Hale, and it makes sense that with celebrating episode 50 we discussed milestones and rituals in surrogacy. You might think a baby shower or birthday is [...]