Do I Qualify for Surrogacy in Australia?

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Do I qualify for surrogacy in Australia? The first step when determining whether, as an intended parent, you qualify for surrogacy in Australia, is to work out which laws apply to you. The laws of the State where the intended [...]

Surrogacy in Western Australia

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Surrogacy in Western Australia If you are an intended parent living in Western Australia or a surrogate carrying for Western Australia intended parents, the Surrogacy Act 2008 applies to you. The criteria for surrogacy in WA includes: That the intended [...]

The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 51: Michelle

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 51 is with Michelle, doula, FIFO partner and mum from WA. Michelle enjoyed pregnancy and birth so much that she went back and did it again, for WA couple Kate and Kris. Kate has MRKH, [...]