The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 71: Ric. Ric is a single man pursuing surrogacy in Western Australia to grow his family. Unfortunately, the surrogacy laws in Western Australia prohibit single men and same sex male couples from pursuing surrogacy within their own State, forcing people to move interstate or pursuing international surrogacy. The laws are discriminatory, and arguably any case against the WA government would result in the laws being declared invalid because they are inconsistent with the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act.

Whilst there are changes afoot, they’re taking too long, and in the meantime Ric is looking at other avenues. We also talked about the legacy left behind by his loving and very much loved wife Susannah, and the work he’s been doing to effect law reform in WA.

Unfortunately, the current laws mean that gay couples and single men in WA are often forced to go overseas to pursue surrogacy. Surely being able to pursue surrogacy within their home state is a much better option for everyone involved? If you are interested in supporting the cause for surrogacy law reform in Western Australia, you can contact the Minister for Health, Roger Cook and let him know that you think the laws are discriminatory and that law reform should happen as soon as possible.

There are law reform developments in Western Australia which will allow gay couples and single men to pursue surrogacy as well hopefully coming in 2021/2022.

You can read about international surrogacy options, or other state surrogacy laws.

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