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Do I Qualify for Surrogacy in Australia?

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Do I qualify for surrogacy in Australia? The first step when determining whether, as an intended parent, you qualify for surrogacy in Australia, is to work out which laws apply to you. The laws of the State where the intended [...]

Surrogacy in the Northern Territory

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Surrogacy in the Northern Territory is neither legal or illegal. This is because there are no surrogacy laws in the Northern Territory at all. All the States and the ACT have their own surrogacy laws, but the NT has none. [...]

Episode 27: NT Surrogacy Laws with Rebecca

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 27: NT surrogacy laws with Rebecca. Rebecca is a Darwin woman who would like to be a surrogate - but, as she's discovered, the NT doesn't have any surrogacy laws. This means it's virtually impossible [...]