The Surrogacy Podcast Episode 27: Northern Territory surrogacy laws with Rebecca.

Rebecca is a Darwin woman who would like to be a surrogate – but, as she’s discovered, the NT doesn’t have any surrogacy laws. This means it’s virtually impossible for surrogates or intended parents to have a baby in the NT, which forces intended parents to move interstate or go overseas. Rebecca is campaigning for surrogacy laws to be introduced in the NT, and you can help her by getting behind the campaign, signing the petition and liking her page NT Surrogacy Advocacy Group.

You can read more about Surrogacy in the Northern Territory, and watch this space for news of surrogacy law reform in the Territory.

If you are in the NT, I encourage you to get behind the NT Surrogacy Advocacy Group. And watch this space for updates about surrogacy laws in the NT.

If you are considering becoming a surrogate, you can read more about that here.

You can hear stories from intended parents and surrogates on the Surrogacy Podcast.

If you’re from another state, you can find all the details of the surrogacy laws that apply to you.

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