This is episode 50 of the Surrogacy Podcast, another Khale series episode with Katrina Hale, and it makes sense that with celebrating episode 50 we discussed milestones and rituals in surrogacy.

You might think a baby shower or birthday is a pretty straight-forward and simple affair, celebrating the parents and child, but like all things in surrogacy, it’s more complex than that. Lots of milestones – pregnancy and birth announcements, baby showers, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, the day of Parentage Order – they can all carry significance for the intended parents and the surrogate and her family, for different reasons. For many reasons, these days can trigger the ‘fear of abandonment’ in a surrogate, or the ‘fear that she’ll keep the baby’ in the intended parents.  Many surrogates survive these events ‘white-knuckled,’ not wanting to be the centre of attention, but wanting some acknowledgement of their contribution and sacrifice as well.

If you are entering a surrogacy arrangement, you will need to complete surrogacy counselling with a qualified counsellor.

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