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Hospital Management of a Surrogacy Pregnancy and Birth

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There are such a low number of surrogacy births in Australia each year (somewhere between 50 and 70 in total), that it is no surprise that many hospitals will rarely come across a surrogacy birth. As a result, hospital surrogacy [...]

Milk and Feeding a Surrogacy Baby

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Milk and Feeding of Surrogacy Baby Most new parents have to grapple with learning how to feed their newborn and making the right decisions for the family. When you add in surrogacy, it can take on a whole other level [...]

Episode 9: Phillipa

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Phillipa survived cervical cancer, and managed to create eggs from grafted ovarian tissue, and embryos with donated sperm. She's now eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby with the help of a surrogate living on the other side of Australia. [...]

Episode 11: Hillary

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Hillary is a cancer survivor, having suffered with cancer as a single mother, and when she met her prince charming years later, they decided to grow their family through surrogacy. I am always inspired and humbled when I hear stories [...]