The Surrogacy Podcast Episode 9: Phillipa. Phillipa survived cervical cancer, and managed to create eggs from grafted ovarian tissue, and embryos with donated sperm. She’s now eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby with the help of a surrogate living on the other side of Australia. As if that’s not enough, Phillipa is inducing lactation so she can breastfeed her baby.

We talked about induced lactation and you can read more about milk and feeding a surrogacy baby. Another intended parent who induced lactation was Hillary, who also spoke to me for the Podcast.

If you are new to surrogacy in Australia, you can start with this post which takes you through the steps depending where you are up to.

Phillipa is in Victoria, and her surrogate is in Queensland. The laws that apply in each surrogacy arrangement are the laws where the intended parents live. You can read more about the laws that apply to you.

Many women who survive cervical cancer consider surrogacy to grow their family. There are other single intended parents pursuing surrogacy, including Marnie and Ric who both shared their stories for the Podcast.

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