The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 34: Danny.

Danny is one of those unsung heroes in surrogacy – the surrogate’s partner. I’ve interviewed his lovely wife Emmy and the intended parents Henry and Lisa. Danny is like many partners of surrogates, – quietly supporting their partner’s goals and not complaining too much when they have to participate in counselling and legal processes, even thought there’s not much reward in it for them.

So what is it like to support your partner through a surrogacy pregnancy? Is it possible to become as invested in the process as the surrogate? Do you experience the same sense of reward and satisfaction when the baby arrives?

Danny talks about supporting Emmy in her endeavour, and how he cared for her and their children through the challenges of pregnancy. His perspective is unique, and valuable for anyone considering surrogacy – particularly for surrogates and their partners. You can read more about the importance of surrogate partners here.

Photo Credit to Amy at A Grateful Heart: Birth, Newborn and Family Photography.

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