Episode 41 of the Surrogacy Podcast: Gail Pascoe of Donor Conception and Beyond.

Gail is a mother of a donor-conceived child and has been writing about her experiences of donor parenting on her blog, Donor Conception and Beyond.  She started writing about donor conception and her experiences, after discovering that her daughter had 100+ donor siblings across the world. Gail is now writing a book for anyone considering gamete donation, including prospective parents and donors, entitled Donor Conception And Beyond: A Step by Step Guide for Australians. 

Donor conception, particularly sperm donation, takes on many forms and can cross borders, with minimal international regulation. So what’s it like to discover that your child shares genetics with more than a hundred other children, in Australia and overseas? Why was an Australian Clinic allowed to use a donor who had donated to so many families? How do you explain to your children their conception and donor story? Gail has asked herself the hard questions, and now she’s offering the information and resources for other donor recipients to do the same.

Make sure to check out the information on Gail’s website and follow her on Facebook. If you are interested in gamete donation, be sure to listen to Episode 37: Kate from VARTA and visit VARTA’s website for more resources and support.

I have also written about egg donation options, and my experiences as an egg donor. If you are interested in sperm donation,  consider the options and be wary of the Joe Donor’s on the internet.

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