The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 62: The Third Trimester with Katrina Hale.

The third trimester, or ‘the pointy end’ of pregnancy, is hormone-fuelled and can be raw, emotional, challenging and overwhelming. When you throw in surrogacy, the third trimester becomes even more complex. Surrogates, who have often been a leader within the team, become vulnerable and turn inward, wanting to close the doors and spend private time with their family, preparing herself for birth. Their partner may need to step up and become the conduit and communicator between the surrogate and the intended parents, to express her needs and support the team as a whole. Intended parents will want to spend some energy preparing for their new baby. It’s a time of bonding, high emotions and a lot of waiting.

If you’re a surrogate heading for the third trimester, you might be wondering how it feels when you give the baby away (don’t worry, you’ll be fine!).

Preparing for the third trimester is really important, just as important as planning for the birth and for the fourth trimester.

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