The Surrogacy Podcast Episode 32: Katrina Hale, surrogacy counsellor.

Katrina Hale has been described as the guardian angel of altruistic surrogates across Australia. Really, how could I not have her on the Surrogacy Podcast with a commendation like that?

Katrina Hale is a Psychologist and Infertility Counsellor with over 20 years counselling experience. She is passionate about surrogacy and a strong supporter of all walks of the community that wish to create a family through surrogacy or assisted reproduction. She is committed to helping Intending Parents and Surrogates and their partners successfully navigate their surrogacy journey together.

Katrina Hale has been my surrogacy counsellor for more than 2 years, and the impact of her support has been immeasurable. A conversation with Katrina gives me clarity and peace of mind, and allows me to process the complexity of surrogacy, egg donation and family.  Other surrogates say that they feel ‘like a huge weight has been lifted off [their] shoulders’ when they speak to Katrina. ‘She has a great flair for creating metaphors, is a fantastic advocate for surrogates [and] she works tirelessly in the surrogacy community.’

Katrina’s Twenty Things to Think About When Choosing Your Surrogacy Relationship is an amazing resource for intended parents and surrogates to consider individually and as a team, in preparing for a positive journey. I’m so privileged to bring you this interview with Katrina, which we hope will be a resource for intended parents and surrogates at all stages of the journey.

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