The Surrogacy Podcast Episode 55: Ella.  Ella is an IVF mum with a background in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked in the Australian and USA surrogacy industry for a number of years.

Have you got questions about US surrogacy options and processes? How do agencies and clinics work together? What are the screening processes for surrogates and intended parents? Should you create embryos here in Australia or in your destination country? What are the donor options overseas? Is surrogacy an option if you are single or gay, or do you have to be married? Ella provides a really good overview of how surrogacy works in the US so that half the research has been done for you.

In the interests of transparency, Ella is obviously working in the industry and her organisation is in the business of IVF and surrogacy services in the USA. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has also provided financial sponsorship toward the Surrogate’s Sisterhood Day in 2019. I do not receive commissions or ‘kickbacks’ from FCLV (nor do they from me!). If you are researching your options overseas and in Australia, you should seek independent and individual advice about your particular circumstances, and consider information from various resources. What I like about the information that Ella provides is that she is also transparent about who her employer is, and she provides information to intended parents that allows them to make an informed decision that suits their needs. My advice, when considering overseas options, is to ask whether the person providing the advice has any conflicts of interest and whether they are being paid for referrals. You can read more about my thoughts on the issue in this blog post.

You can find out more information about some of the things we discussed, including:

Sarah has written a book, More Than Just a Baby: A Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates, which is the only guide to surrogacy in Australia.

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