Overseas Surrogacy

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Do you need an Australian lawyer to assist you with your overseas surrogacy journey? The short answer is, mostly not. You can engage a lawyer in your destination country, who will guide you through the Surrogacy and Donor Agreements. You [...]

Do I need a Surrogacy Broker?

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Do you need a surrogacy broker or consultant? Surrogacy is bit like Project Management. In fact, by the time you’re home with your baby, you’ll feel like you deserve a PhD in international relations and event management. You did all that [...]

Kickin’ back with the Kickbacks

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Intended Parents may be forgiven for thinking that everyone they talk to about surrogacy has their best interests at heart. If someone seems kind, knowledgeable and generous, surely they're only wanting to help you have a baby, right? But, surrogacy [...]

Parenting Orders and Parentage Orders

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Parentage Orders are made to transfer parentage from a surrogate and her partner, to the intended parents. These are made in State Courts. These Orders provide for the Birth Certificate to be changed, removing the surrogate and her partner, and [...]

The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 46: Kim

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The Australian Surrogacy Podcast Episode 46: Kim. Kim pursued surrogacy in the Ukraine. Kim has been through a hell of a ride to get to this point in her surrogacy journey. Infertility, IVF, donor eggs, and finally surrogacy in the [...]