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In Victoria, new Assisted Reproductive Treatment Regulations came in effect on 13 December, allowing surrogate mothers to claim loss of income from the intended parents (The Age). You can read more about the new Regulations here.

Victorians also celebrated ten years of altruistic surrogacy laws which came into force on 1 January 2010. The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 finally removed discriminatory clauses for single women and lesbian couples accessing IVF treatment in Victoria.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to introduce a new bill to legalise surrogacy in the state, which is one of only three in the United States to outlaw surrogacy: Cuomo Plans Renewed Effort to Legalize Gestational Surrogacy in NY in Upcoming Session.

Channel 10 provided an update on the story of two sisters, one whom carried for the other, and the news of the birth of baby William. Fiona carried and birthed her sister, Penny’s baby boy, after Penny survived breast cancer.

In the UK, the rising popularity of consumer DNA testing kits is a “clear threat” to egg and sperm donor anonymity in the UK, the fertility regulator has warned: Home DNA testing kits are ‘clear threat’ to donor anonymity, fertility regulator warnsYou can read more about consumer DNA testing and Australian donor-conception regulations in this post.

A South Australian couple became the first two-dad family through domestic altruistic surrogacy, with the birth of baby Xavier through a traditional surrogacy arrangement. Despite the parties being told that traditional surrogacy was illegal (newsflash! It’s legal!), they were finally able to access the support they needed and are all doing well. Listen out for the Podcast interview with Amber, Jake and Aaron, coming soon!

The Australian surrogacy community was saddened to hear of the passing of a surrogate in California, during childbirth. Michelle Reaves died due to complications arising from the birth of her second surrogacy baby, for intended parents she had carried for once before. Whilst all pregnancy and childbirth carries risks, it is important for surrogates, their partners and intended parents talk through these risks and consider them real when planning the surrogacy.

The Victorian Patient Review Panel (which is the authority that considers gestational surrogacy arrangements prior to treatment) has issued an updated Guidance Note for surrogacy applications. You can download the Guidance Note on their website (the Word document at the bottom of the page).

We were able to lock in the dates for the 2020 Surrogacy Sisterhood Retreat, with it now booked in for 15-17 May in Hahndorf, South Australia. You can read about our 2019 Sisterhood Day, and standby for updates and registration details for the 2020 Retreat.

Writer Ali Rosen penned a piece for The Washington Post about her journey to grow her family through surrogacy – Surrogacy is misunderstood and unfairly maligned. We need to change the narrative.

Meanwhile, Vogue Magazine published a piece by Reshma Saujani about her experiences of surrogacy: I just wanted a baby, but surrogacy gave me so much more.

Got time for one more personal reflection? My surro-baby, Miss D, turned TWO this month! Last year I wrote this post about my post-surrogacy reflections.

Standby for big exciting news next month with the launch of Season 3 of the Surrogacy Podcast, and details about registration for the Surrogacy Sisterhood Retreat.

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