The Surrogacy Podcast Episode 28: The Review of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act. In this episode, Sarah chats about the Review in the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act in Victoria, which was underway in 2018. Submissions were open to the public, and many members of the Australian Surrogacy Community made submissions and attended public hearings.

The Review Report of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act was released in 2019, and you can read more about the recommendations of the Reviewer, Michael Gorton.

You can find out more about surrogacy law in Victoria, or if you’re from interstate, you can find all the details of the surrogacy laws that apply to you.

Since the release of the Report, the Victorian government has promised to implement the recommendations. Some of the recommendations have been implemented including the new Assisted Reproductive Treatment Regulations 2019, which came into effect in December 2019. We were excited to see the submissions we made had a direct impact on Victorian surrogacy arrangements.

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