The Surrogacy Sisterhood Retreat is happening – a year later than expected! Our 2020 Retreat was a victim of COVID and border closures, so we have everything crossed that nothing will get in our way this time.

We are so excited to be running a full weekend retreat for surrogates! surrogacy sisterhood

Surrogacy is a unique and special journey, not just for the intended parents, but for the women privileged enough to carry a baby for someone else. It’s an unusual thing to do, and most people don’t understand why we do it. Surrogates lean on each other, inevitably, because what we are doing is so unique that we need the support of other women who have done it themselves. My surrogacy experience has been richer and all the more amazing because of the friendships I have formed with other surrogates.

It is for this reason that the Surrogacy Sisterhood was established, to support surrogates in all parts of their surrogacy experience, to ensure that they are resilient, ready and prepared for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a perpetual journey – so whether you are new to surrogacy or gave birth a long time ago, the Sisterhood is for you.

We’ve run the event in previous years, but this will be the first full weekend event exclusively for surrogates.

When we opened registrations for the Retreat, we were inundated with sponsorship requests from intended parents and surrogacy community members. More than half of the surrogates who are attending have been sponsored! Tickets sold out for the event in less than four days!

While registrations are full for 2021, plans are underway for future Sisterhood Retreats, so watch our for announcements.

The Retreat is in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. We are hosted at the lovely Haus in Hahndorf, in our own private conference room.

The Retreat Program
We are excited and privileged to have Bek Smith from Smith and Wellness deliver our Retreat Program,  which has been developed specifically for the Sisterhood. Bek and her team will be delivering the program thanks to a very generous and very private lovely benefactor, who thinks surrogacy is amazing and wants surrogates to get the very best of support and preparation for their journeys.

Future Surrogates

Are you a future possible aspiring surrogate? You can find out more about what it’s like to be a surrogate, what’s involved in the process and the laws, how to build a strong relationship with intended parents and avoid the pitfalls. I offer free initial consults for women considering becoming surrogates – you can book in at the link below.

Hi! I’m Sarah Jefford (she/her). I’m a family creation lawyer, practising in surrogacy and donor conception arrangements. I’m an IVF mum, an egg donor and a traditional surrogate, and I delivered a baby for two dads in 2018

I advocate for positive, best practice surrogacy arrangements within Australia, and provide support and education to help intended parents make informed decisions when pursuing overseas surrogacy.

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