Speed-dating, surrogacy style!


It’s an endless question for intended parents and surrogates – how can we find each other? With so many intended parents and so few surrogates in Australia, it’s a hard quest to find someone you can build a long-term relationship with. 3 out of 4 surrogacy arrangements in Australia are formed through existing relationships – friends and family, and the remaining 25% are formed through new relationships – primarily having met on social media.

The surrogacy community is built by surrogates and intended parents, who invest in the community and want to help others have a positive experience. We host events in each state to allow intended parents and surrogates to meet each other, and are inspired to take it to a whole new level with surrogacy speed-dating!

Much like other speed-dating events, this event was organised to encourage new relationships and provide an opportunity to make new friends. As intended parents outnumber surrogates, attendees could meet people from all parts of the surrogacy community.

The inaugural surrogacy speed-dating event was held in Melbourne on Friday 24 February. Over 60 people attended and we had such a good time!

Attendance was open to anyone in the surrogacy community – intended parents, parents through surrogacy, past, present and future surrogates and their partners.

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