The Surrogacy Sisterhood is so important to the surrogate’s experience. Surrogates are like sisters.

Surrogacy is a unique and special journey, not just for the intended parents, but for the women privileged enough to carry a baby for someone else. It’s an unusual thing to do, and most people don’t understand why we would do it. Surrogates lean on each other, inevitably, because what we are doing is so unique that we need the support of other women who have done it themselves. My surrogacy experience has been richer and all the more amazing because of the friendships I have formed with other surrogates.

Several years ago, inspired by my surro-sisters, I created the Surrogacy Sisterhood Care Packages. I wanted to honour the women who had birthed their surro-bub, let them know that their sisters thought they were amazing and make them feel acknowledged, special and cared for during the crucial post-birth weeks and beyond. The packages are sent out in the weeks after a surrogate gives birth, as a celebration of her journey and the new family she has helped to create. We have created a community in our Sisterhood, and the packages are a nice ‘surprise’ from the group to our birthing sisters.

In 2018, together with fellow surrogate Carla, we ran a Surrogacy Sisterhood Day in Sydney, providing much-needed support, community and friendship for our surro-sisters. The second Sisterhood Day is happening on 1 June 2019, with a full program and support from Fertile Horizons, community member Michael Collins, the Fertility Center of Las Vegas, and Katrina Hale.

In 2021, we ran a full weekend in Hahndorf, South Australia, and in 2023 we were in Eildon, Victoria. In 2024, the Retreat will be at Ratho Farm in Tasmania.

The Care Packages and the Sisterhood Day were originally funded by donations from other surrogates. After awhile, with over 20 surro-births in a year (sometimes 6 or 7 births in one month!), it became necessary to seek contributions from members of the Australian Surrogacy Community. If you are interested in contributing to the Care Packages and the Sisterhood Day, please get in touch. Thank you! All contributions are very much appreciated.

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