My Surrogacy Story

Charli, Brisbane.

I’m a single mum of four older kids and one mini human.

I was a surrogate for a straight couple, with one child already, carried by mum. However, a medical condition meant she could not carry a second much longed for child.

I gave birth to a little girl in December 2017, and have had the pleasure of seeing her grow into a beautiful toddler and the joy of her parents and big brother.

I became a surrogate because well, because I can. I love that I can give back to the world by helping people’s dreams come true. Life isn’t always fair and it’s bloody tough at times but, I still believe in the magic of life and I love being a part of making it real for others. Also babies are cute, but lord knows I already got enough of my own. 😂

The best thing about my surrogacy journey was watching them realise their dream. Watching them be a family, and seeing a little boy get the sibling he’d been asking for for years. The relationship between the siblings and the bond they share is beautiful. This makes my heart happy. And I’m blessed to have played a part in it.

The most challenging part of my journey was that we had a difference in communication and mixed with hormones made things challenging. However, we were able to resolve this with counselling as we all wanted to find ways to communicate well throughout the journey.  We succeeded with a fairly smooth happy journey.

Another challenge was resentment at times, because pregnancy restricted the things I could do with and for my own family. I also relied on them a lot towards the end of the pregnancy due to severe pregnancy related carpel tunnel syndrome. I also had to allow a cleaner in to help with house work which I found difficult to let someone in my home to do my housework.

Yet another huge challenge was losing my job unexpectedly. It put a financial strain on my family, from which I’m still recovering from as the current economic climate has made getting employment very difficult.

I would be a surrogate again because I still believe in magic and making dreams come true. Even if I can make my own come true.

My advice for a woman wanting to become a surrogate is not to romanticise it. It’s hard work, and an emotional roller coaster. Make sure you are emotionally strong and that your relationship with your IP’s is strong, and also your relationships with your supports systems are strong. Your family, friends and significant other will be invaluable in this journey.

But despite how hard it is it is a rewarding and worthwhile journey to undertake.

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