Michelle, doula.

I am married with two kids, living in Perth.

I was a surrogate and gave birth in 2019 to Jack for Kate & Kris.

I became a surrogate because I loved being pregnant and giving birth, but didn’t want any more of my own children. I figured what better way to experience it all again by helping another couple become a family.

The best thing about my surrogacy journey was making life long friends out of my Intended Parents and being able to see them become parents! Their joy and gratitude has made the whole journey so worth it.

The most challenging part of my surrogacy was not being able to fall pregnant as easily as I thought I would. I was naive in thinking IVF would be easy when I’ve conceived naturally in the past and I hated letting our team down. We also had a birth which ended in a retained placenta and post partum hemorrhage and I had to be in ICU for a couple of days which was super difficult on myself and my family.

My advice for a woman considering becoming a surrogate is to not rush into things and always follow your gut – take the rose coloured glasses off and don’t ignore the red flags. It’s also very important to have your family on board as you will need that support around you.

You can find me on Instagram and on YouTube. You can also listen to Michelle on Episode 51 of the Surrogacy Podcast.

Maternity photos – Fliss & Co

Birth photos – Belle Verdiglione Photography

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