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  • surrogacy australia

Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy in Australia is regulated in each State, which means there are no uniform laws that cover surrogacy across the country. Surrogacy laws in all States follow the same basic principles: The Intended Parents [...]

  • surrogacy process

The Surrogacy Process in Australia

These steps are generally followed for surrogacy arrangements facilitated by a clinic. For traditional surrogacy arrangements not utilising a clinic, parties need to obtain counselling and legal advice prior to conception. Note that the [...]

  • surrogate

So You Want to Be a Surrogate?

So you want to be a surrogate? I remember when I first considered becoming a surrogate - searching everywhere for information and ending up down many an internet rabbit hole. I was excited and [...]

  • find a surrogate

How Do I Find a Surrogate in Australia?

How do I find a surrogate in Australia? So you've decided to explore surrogacy as an option to grow your family. You've done some google searches and are finding the information-overload a bit overwhelming. [...]

  • surrogacy laws

When Surrogacy Isn’t Really Surrogacy

The surrogacy laws and other laws surrounding children, adoption and parentage is complex. There are several legislative instruments that cover children, and the Family Law Act dedicates almost 200 pages to clauses regarding children’s [...]

Hi! I’m Sarah Jefford. I’m a surrogacy, fertility and family lawyer. I’m also an IVF Mum, an egg donor and a traditional surrogate, and I delivered a baby for her Dads in 2018.

I advocate for positive, best practice surrogacy arrangements within Australia, and provide support and education to help intended parents make informed decisions when pursuing overseas surrogacy.

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