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sarah jefford

Hi! I’m Sarah Jefford, an IVF Mum, egg donor, surrogate and family and surrogacy lawyer.

Welcome to the Surrogacy and Donor Conception Blog, with posts about surrogacy, donor conception, laws, news items, and my personal experiences as a donor and surrogate. You can scroll through the posts, search by category or keyword below.

I have written a book, More Than Just a Baby: A Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates, which you can purchase in hard copy or on to your device.

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Money Talks, But What If We Don’t Like the Conversation?

Surrogacy and Money Conversations It is a fact universally known, that altruistic surrogates don't like to talk about money. We don't like asking for money, and we'd rather spend our own money than burden our intended parents. We [...]

Hospital Management of a Surrogacy Pregnancy and Birth

There are such a low number of surrogacy births in Australia each year (somewhere between 60 and 80 in total), that it is no surprise that many hospitals will only rarely come across a surrogacy birth. Some hospital [...]

Finding Happiness Beyond Surrogacy

Finding Happiness Beyond Surrogacy Surrogacy can be all-consuming - for the intended parents, and the surrogate family. Relationship-building takes time (particularly if we want to get it right) and so does the process. Medical appointments, counselling, legal advice, [...]

Sperm Donor or Dad – the case of Masson and Parsons

Sperm Donor or Dad? If you are a single woman or in a same sex couple considering growing your family through sperm donation, you may have followed the case of Masson & Parsons and Anors with interest. The [...]