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sarah jefford

Hi! I’m Sarah Jefford, an IVF Mum, egg donor, surrogate and family and surrogacy lawyer.

Welcome to the Surrogacy and Donor Conception Blog, with posts about surrogacy, donor conception, laws, news items, and my personal experiences as a donor and surrogate. You can scroll through the posts, search by category or keyword below.

I have written a book, More Than Just a Baby: A Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates, which you can purchase in hard copy or on to your device.

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Conception, Consent and Death

Conception, Consent and Death I've been thinking a lot about death lately. A few things have led to this - watching Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds on the ABC, and donating my eggs again. Life, death, [...]

Setting Expectations For Our Surrogacy Journeys

When travelling down the surrogacy path, the most important part is the relationship between the surrogate (and her partner, if she has one) and the intended parents. It is important that we spend time setting expectations before going [...]

Gift Giving in Altruistic Surrogacy Arrangements

Gift Giving in Surrogacy Arrangements One of the first questions asked by surrogates and intended parents, is whether the intended parents can give gifts to their surrogate, or her family members, without compromising the surrogacy agreement or the [...]