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sarah jefford

Hi! I’m Sarah Jefford, an IVF Mum, egg donor, surrogate and family and surrogacy lawyer.

Welcome to the Surrogacy and Donor Conception Blog, with posts about surrogacy, donor conception, laws, news items, and my personal experiences as a donor and surrogate. You can scroll through the posts, search by category or keyword below.

I have written a book, More Than Just a Baby: A Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates, which you can purchase in hard copy or on to your device.

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Co-Parenting Arrangements

There are many ways to grow a family, and co-parenting is one creative option. There are as many different ways to co-parent as there are families choosing this model of parenting. A co-parenting arrangement might involve two singles, [...]

Surrogacy and Fertility Bulletin – January 2020

Looking for updates for all things surrogacy and fertility, in Australia and overseas? Consider this your one-stop-shop with all your news. In Victoria, new Assisted Reproductive Treatment Regulations came in effect on 13 December, allowing surrogate mothers to [...]

Surrogacy Information Sharing and Privacy

A surrogacy arrangement necessarily involves people sharing experiences with each other that would otherwise be reserved for the most intimate of relationships. Besides discussion about your views on pregnancy termination and whether the surrogate will drink alcohol during [...]